Customer Experience Management for Upper Management


"Customer focused" is the mantra of leaders everywhere. We all know excellent service strengthens customer loyalty and differentiates us from our competitors. Unfortunately, many companies often confuse programs, tools, and even quality systems with what they really need to provide - a superior service experience. This course gives you a structured way of thinking about how you relate to the customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.

Get your organization to go beyond lip service and develop a great service culture. Explore mindsets and foundations for great service. Gather ideas, tools and examples to help overcome inertia and foster meaningful shift to a customer-focused organization. This course will foster awareness, generate shared ownership and build commitment - for meaningful and lasting change.

Topics include:

  • Identifying the service mindsets needed in your organization
  • Leading, coaching, and facilitating a great service culture in your organization
  • Hiring employees with the right mind-set
  • Mapping and managing service delivery for a great customer experience
  • Building and improving systems and capability

Course Duration: Half day


Upper management stakeholders and people managers who share accountability for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost: $450 per person

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