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Everybody - including your competition, is striving for profitable market share growth. You need to make sure your customer experience delivery meets and exceeds customers' expectations to retain and grow your customer base. This course covers a structured approach to improve customer service and experience across all the Touchpoints. The course also includes approaches to developing customer experience consistency, seamless transitions, and robustness of customer facing processes to withstand unforeseen deviations.

Part of the course requirement includes a project to make focused improvements across several customer Touchpoints within the organization with coaching from our trainers.

Topics include:

  • Mapping the organizations current value stream from customers point of view
  • Defining management responsibility, vision, and mission
  • Defining structured approach for improvement across the value stream in terms of customer satisfaction consistency and robustness of processes

Course Duration: 2 days


Advanced practitioners who are tasked with customer retention by improving customer experience delivery across the whole organization. Ideal for leaders responsible of customer advocacy, quality, customer service and support, sales, or marketing functions. Prerequisite - Three Star Customer Experience Manager

Cost: $1,450 per person

Group discount available. Call us for special pricing.

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