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IICEM offers practical courses for skills ranging from those of beginners to advanced practitioners. Our courses are structured for group interaction and hands on learning. For Three Star and Four Star courses along with the class room training, students are required to do a small project within their organization with expert guidance from the IICEM coaches. The value provided by the courses and the impact of the projects bring immediate and lasting benefits to the organization.

  • Building the Foundation ~ One Star
  • In this course, attendees will learn the concepts of customer service, what the customers expect, and approaches to delighting the customers. In addition, the attendees will explore their personal service styles and how to adopt a customer service approach that provides consistently good service.

  • Call Center Special ~ One Star
  • In this course attendees will learn a broader Customer Experience delivery based approach to customer satisfaction customized for a Call Center environment. This course introduces breakthrough principles and methodology of customer experience delivery and trains attendees to go beyond Customer Service and deliver delightful and memorable customer experiences.

  • Leaders ~ Two Star
  • This course is designed to provide an understanding of how to define, measure, and improve customer service and satisfaction with the objective to increase profits and revenue. You will discover what "customer satisfaction" really means and will be able to write your own customer satisfaction plan. The course covers three aspects: customer needs assessment, customer satisfaction surveys, and complaint systems.

  • Advanced Practitioner ~ Three Star
  • This course follows the Six Sigma approach to improve customer service and experience to retain and grow your customer base. The course includes modules on defining and then efficiently and effectively measuring customer experiences, analyzing the data, and making lasting improvements. Attendees will learn the concepts of Integrated Customer Experience System in depth and do an improvement project.

  • Expert ~ Four Star
  • This course covers a structured approach to improve customer service and experience across all the Touchpoints. The course also includes approaches to developing customer experience consistency, seamless transitions, and robustness of customer facing processes to withstand unforeseen deviations. Part of the course requirement includes a project.

  • For Upper Management
  • Get your organization to go beyond lip service and develop a great service culture. Explore mindsets and foundations for great service. Gather ideas, tools and examples to help overcome inertia and foster meaningful shift to a customer-focused organization. This course will foster awareness, generate shared ownership and build commitment - for meaningful and lasting change.

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