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Customer service is the key to success for any organization. All employees within an organization affect customer experience. In this course, attendees will learn the concepts of customer service, what the customers expect, and approaches to delighting the customers. In addition, the attendees will explore their personal service styles and how to adopt a customer service approach that provides consistently good service.

This course will teach the attendee basics of how to connect with the customer and illustrate how to handle customer service on the phone, in-person, responding to and sending e-mail, and when dealing with challenging customer interactions.

Topics include:

  • Describing exceptional customer service and its benefits
  • Recognizing and adapting communications to specific customer behavior styles
  • Applying a customer service model that provides consistent and quality service face to face, on the phone, on the web, and by e-mail
  • Discovering and using the techniques and strategies for communicating and managing a challenging customer

Course Duration: Half day


This beginning level course is perfect for all employees - new or experienced, who are responsible for customer service behind the scenes as well as for individuals who face customers on a daily basis.

Cost: $450 per person

Group discount available. Call us for special pricing.

This course can be provided at client's site. Contact us for more information.

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