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CEO's of leading companies often state that exceeding customers expectations is their desired goal. But how does an organization go about doing that?

For organizations that desire to transform themselves and to have a laser like focus on their customers, IICEM has been showing them the way.

Learn skills to define, design, develop, and deliver meaningful customer experiences that are appropriate to your business. Develop robust customer facing processes that can withstand the ups and downs and still deliver the desired customer experiences. Go beyond the soft skills based approach and the cliché's.

IICEM offers several practical courses based on structured and customized Lean Six Sigma methodology - for skills ranging from those of beginners to advanced practitioners.

An organization wide training in customer experience management results in improved profit margin and market share growth. IICEM certificates are a valuable to the employees for career growth, while IICEM trained and certified employees prove to be an asset to their organizations - driving customer satisfaction and retention and profitable growth.

Standard Courses

IICEM also offers custom tailored courses based on organizations specific needs. Contact us to request course details or discuss your specific needs.

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